Different Types of Logo Designs

//Different Types of Logo Designs

Different Types of Logo Designs

Your company’s logo is often the first thing that potential customers will notice about your company. With this in mind, it is important that the logo accurately reflects who you are and what you’re about. Different types of logo help to portray an image of your business, and to trigger certain emotions about your company. Get it right, and the logo you choose will help your business to stand out. Here’s a look at 7 of the most commonly used type of logo you will find.

Wordmarks (or logotypes)

A wordmark logo is just what you need if your business has a name that is catchy. Wordmark logos contain the name of your business only. Examples of this include famous names such as Coca Cola and Disney. The font that you choose when creating a wordmark logo is extremely important. The Disney brand logo, for example, uses a font that clearly represents fun. The Visa logo, however, uses a solid font which represents dependability.

Lettermark (or monogram logos)

Lettermark logos are similar to wordmark logos, only they use acronyms rather than the full company name. These are ideally suitable when the company’s name is too long to make for a catchy logo that is easy to remember. Remember that unless you are already a household name, you should add the full name of your business below the logo. This will help to make sure people know who you are.

Pictorial marks (or logo symbols)


A pictorial mark is a logo that contains nothing but a picture. Famous examples include Mitsubishi and Nike. Pictorial marks are only really suitable for businesses that are already well known. Try using a pictorial logo for a brand that is not instantly recognizable, and you’re likely to find people don’t know what or who the logo represents. Choosing which picture to use is extremely important as it should reflect your business in some way.




If you wish your company to appeal to families and kids, a mascot logo is just what you need. Tony the Tiger and Julio Pringles are famous examples of mascot logos that help to make their brands instantly recognizable at a glance. As with abstract logo marks, some mascots also have hidden meanings.

The Combination Mark

A combination mark is a mix of an abstract logo mark or pictorial mark, combined with a lettermark or wordmark. This is particularly useful for companies that wish to use a picture as their logo, but need to be sure people know who they are. The lettermark or wordmark can be, and often is, removed at a later date.

The Emblem

If you are looking for a logo that represents officialdom and professionalism, and emblem could be just what you need. An emblem is a logo or icon that is combined with the company name in a way that forms a badge or shield. Emblem logos are often used by schools and government agencies because of their official nature.

The type of business will have a considerable bearing on the type of logo you choose. Just how well-known that business will also influence the type of logo you choose. Remember that logos can and do change, so you only need to take into account what your business represents now.

If your company’s profile changes in time, then so can your logo.

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