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Great Branding Begins With Great Design



It isn’t enough simply to offer a superior product or service. Your products and services need to be backed up with good branding that identifies you and makes your business name synonymous with the high level of quality you insist upon and deliver.

In order to create an effective branding strategy, your brand needs to include a number of key elements. Specifically:

A winning logo – Your logo should be unique, eye-catching, and relevant to the products or services you offer.

Clearly defined visuals – The colors and fonts you choose to identify your brand should also be relevant, attention-getting, and consistent throughout all your marketing efforts.

A well-designed website –new-slider49 No matter how people interact with your brand, be it online or through more traditional channels, the look and feel of your site matter. It should help position you as both an authority in your niche and the premier source for whatever product or service you offer.

The Power of Print

Even businesses with a heavy and predominant online presence need to be able to reach out to and interact with people in the real world. There is something about holding a business card or brochure in your hand that makes the brand more real to prospective customers and clients.

This is why we believe in the Power of Print. It is a time-honored, proven avenue to building trust in your brand, getting more sales, and creating more solid, long-term customer/client relationships.

If your business isn’t complimenting its online marketing efforts with a well-developed print media campaign, you are missing out on an untold number of potential sales and contracts. Well-developed print marketing materials engage the recipient on a number of levels. Here are just a few:

Print stimulates the senses – This is true especially if yours is a familiar online brand. It can also work in reverse order, lending credibility and increasing visibility and recognition of your brand online.

Print boosts your credibility – Your potential customers will recognize and appreciate your effort to keep them informed with well-organized printed media.

Print is personal – The simple act of handing someone a business card or brochure or pointing out key areas of your brochure one-to-one provides a personal edge to your marketing efforts that you just don’t get marketing online. People want to feel involved with your brand. They don’t want to buy something; they want to be part of it.

Print is exciting – A well-presented brochure, catalog, or other kind of promotional item has the potential to create a real buzz with your prospects. Keep in mind that the concept of sharing content far predates social media and even the internet.

When you work with us to develop your print marketing strategy, you are giving your prospects something they can truly be excited about. Better still, you are creating a clear image in their minds about what they can expect when doing business with you.

Online Branding and Marketing

If your business isn’t also taking full advantage of every online marketing avenue, your ability to reach and develop good relationships with prospects is out of balance. Your print marketing strategy must be backed up with a well-defined and well-executed online strategy. We specialize in three key areas of online branding development, all of which are vital to your marketing efforts:


Social Media – Your brand should have a strong visual element that gets people to stop scrolling and pay attention. This is especially important in networks like Facebook and Twitter where your prospects are being inundated with content at breakneck speed.

Your brand must be able to stand out in a virtual sea of social media content. We can help you develop visual branding that gets you noticed and quickly builds brand recognition within your industry or niche.

Website Branding – Your website is the true test of your commitment to quality. We can help you develop site content that aligns perfectly with all of your marketing efforts, both online and in the real world.

Email Marketing – There is no better way to keep your brand in front of interested prospects and current customers or clients than through effective email marketing. Let us help you develop sharply focused, well-branded email content that converts.



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